Medical Data for Download

Medical Augmented Reality Facial Data Collection for 3D printing

Skull-stripped Contrast-Enhanced MRI Datasets for medical image processing

100+ 2D US Images and Tumor Segmentation Masks for medical image analysis

Skull-stripped MRI GBM Datasets (and Segmentations) for machine learning

3D Printable Patient Face and corresponding PET-CT Data for image-guided Therapy

Mandibular CT Dataset Collection (without teeth) and manual Ground Truth segmentations

MRI Spine Datasets (corresponding segmentations can be found here)

Liver Tumor Datasets (2D Ultrasound (US)) + Segmentations

Contrast-enhanced T1-weighted MRI Datasets of Glioblastoma Multiforme (GBM) (with Ground Truth segmentations)

Cranial Defect Datasets (surface .stl generated from CT Scans)

DTI Fiber Tracts and corresponding anatomical T1-weighted MRI Dataset (includes also a MeVisLab Network for Visualization)

Gynecologic Cancer Brachytherapy Datasets (from an intraoperative MRI)

non-contrast and contrast-enhanced t1-weighted MRI scans (from a healthy subject)


Note: Please give credit to the corresponding publications and our Lab, if using for you own research purposes.