Looking for a challenge?

Join the new Miccai 2020 Cranial Implant Design Challenge organized by our group. The training data set is now available!

Cranioplasty is the surgical process where a skull defect is repaired using a cranial implant, which must fit precisely against the borders of the defect, as replacement to the removed cranial bone. The design of the cranial implant is a challenging task. It usually involves intensive human interaction, is time-consuming and requires expertise in the specific medical domain. Therefore, a fast and automatic design of cranial implants is highly desirable and would furthermore enable in-operation room manufacturing of the implants for the patient. For the AutoImplant challenge, which will be held on October 8, 2020 as a half-day event at MICCAI 2020 virtual conference, we seek data-driven algorithms (such as deep learning) for automatic skull defect restoration. We provide 200 high-resolution healthy and defected data pairs, on which participants can base their solutions. We expect the participants’ submissions between September 1 and September 10, 2020. The challenge results will be published as LNCS challenge proceedings and, depending on the outcome, as a joint publication in a top tier medical imaging journal.